В 2020 году новая продукция и технологии Trimble Geospatial были описаны во множестве статей на страницах ведущих геодезических и геоинформационных изданий мира.

Ниже список и ссылки на самые интересные из них:

The American Surveyor

Breaking the Centimeter Barrier Trimble MX9
Taming the Wilds of Remote Surveying Trimble R10, Trimble RTX
Precise Accuracy for Underground Pipelines Trimble R10, Trimble RTX
Trimble Forensics Software Offers Seamless Workflow Across Scene, Desk and Courtroom Trimble Forensic
What’s New in Trimble Access 2020.20 Trimble Access
New Version of Trimble Access Enables Broader Accessibility to Android OS for Surveyors Trimble Access
ProStar Joins Trimble’s GIS Business Partner Program to Define the Next Generation of Utility Mapping Trimble MGIS ProStar
Trimble Announces the Next Evolution of its Flagship GNSS Solution Trimble R12i
Trimble Connect Collaboration Platform Hits 10 Million User Milestone Trimble Connect
Trimble Business Center Streamlines Point Cloud Workflows and Adds Vertical Applications TBC
Trimble VRS Now Network Covers More than One Million Square Miles in North America with the Acquisition of MidStates VRS Trimble VRS Now
Trimble Introduces Subscription Options for Real-Time Monitoring Software Trimble Monitoring
Coast-to-Coast U.S. Coverage Now Deployed for Trimble’s CenterPoint RTX Fast Correction Service Trimble RTX
Trimble Positioning Services 2020 Recap Trimble Positioning
Trimble Monitoring 2020 Recap Trimble Monitoring
Repeated Imaging Success in Schiphol Trimble Inpho
Adding Accuracy and Efficiency to Street-Level Imagery Trimble MX7
Ohio Department of Transportation RTN Trimble Pivot


30 Years In: Female PLS Still Gets Questioned Trimble X7
Trimble R12i: The Next Evolution of GNSS Solution Trimble R12i
Trimble in the Wild: Scanning the Roundest Bear Trimble TX8
See Spot Scan: Robots in Your Workplace Trimble X7
Grand Surveying in Grand Paris Trimble SX10, TSC7
Android Field Software on a Nifty Tablet Trimble Access
Scans, Soundings, Surve and Sailcargo: Building Ceiba with Surveying Trimble SX10, TBC
GNSS for Curingue: Accessing Remote Water Resources Trimble R10, Trimble RTX
The Many Facets (and Faces) of Surveying Trimble in Surveying
Hidden Infrastructure in 3D: Visualizing with AR Trimble SiteVision

GIM International

Intergeo Digital 2020: A Geospatial Community First Trimble News 2020
University of Colorado to Establish Trimble Technology Lab Trimble University Program
Trimble and Boston Dynamics Partnership to Extend Use of Autonomous Robots in Construction Trimble and Boston Dynamics
Trimble Adds New Innovation to Flagship GNSS Solution Trimble R12i
Full Frontal Mapping in 3D Trimble UASMaster
The Evolution of FLEPOS 3.0 Trimble Pivot
How Will the Surveyor’s Role Look in 10 Years’ Time? Trimble view


Trimble R12i: What One Beta Tester Says About the New GNSS Receiver Trimble R12i
Business Case for Surveyors to Offer Monitoring Services Trimble Monitoring
Utility Mapping: ProStar Joins Trimble's GIS Business Partner Program Trimble MGIS
Field Staking for Electrical Lines Using Trimble's CenterPoint RTX Trimble RTX
Trimble OBIA Tech Helps Create Regional Vegetation Map in Brittany, France Trimble eCognition
Mobile Mapping Collects Geospatial Data From A Safe Distance Trimble MX9
Trimble's Business Center v5.30 is Packed With New Feature TBC
Trimble’s SiteVision creates a low-cost, augmented reality field solution Trimble SiteVision
3D Model of 150-Year-Old Building Overcomes Challenges Trimble SX10, TBC


Trimble ProPoint – маркетинговый ход или новый уровень возможностей приемников ГНСС? Trimble ProPoint
Результаты полевых испытаний системы Trimble MX9 при отрицательной температуре Trimble MX9

Rugged PC Review

Trimble Yuma 7 Trimble T7

Geospatial World

Surveying the ‘head of the Earth touching heaven’ Trimble R10
Scanning Bears: Who is the fattest of ’em all? Trimble TX8, TRW
Trimble announces calibration-free tilt compensation for their flagship GNSS rover Trimble R12i


New Trimble Connect integrations with Microsoft 365 and BIMcollab Trimble Connect
Trimble announces the R12i GNSS with groundbreaking IMU-based tilt compensation Trimble R12i
Trimble Access 2020 is now available on a rugged Android mobile device Trimble Access
Trimble releases Tekla 2020 Structural BIM Software Solutions Trimble Tekla


Coast-to-Coast U.S. Coverage Now Deployed for Trimble’s CenterPoint RTX Fast Correction Service Trimble RTX
New Version of Trimble Access Enables Broader Accessibility to Android OS for Surveyors Trimble Access
Illinois Institute of Technology to Establish Trimble Technology Lab for Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Trimble University Program
Trimble Business Center version 5.40 Allows Users to Start and Stay in One Office Software TBC
WingtraOne drone data is now compatible with Trimble Business Center TBC (APM)